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What is Colive Tri-Calls?

Welcome to Colive's innovative Tri-Call feature, a game-changer in the world of property exploration for potential renters and a lucrative lead-generation method for property owners. With Colive Tri-Call, finding your dream living space or monetizing your property has never been easier.

Colive Tri-Calling for the Modern Urbanite

Embrace the future of property management with Colive Tri-Call!

Colive Tri-Call Offers real-time virtual tours with live interaction, Ensuring an immersive, informative experience for confident decisions about future homes.


Benefits of Colive Tri-Calls

Personalized Guidance

Personalized Guidance

Connect with reliable agents for tailored assistance
or query resolution for any property.

Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Updates

Interact directly with the Property Manager for
live information about the property.



No more physical visits to the property when
you make a decision

Efficient Decision-Making

Efficient Decision-Making

Make efficient decisions with real-time information
about the property

How it works?

Sales Agent Sales Agent

Connect with a Sales Agent

Access the property from Colive's website, and initiate a video call with a Sales Agent.

Virtual-Tour Sales Agent

Real-Time Virtual Tour

The Sales Agent understands the customer’s requirement and directs the call to the Property Manager.


Live Interaction

Users are provided with real-time updates and any/all queries are clarified.

Pricing for PG Owners


10 leads per month

2000 /mo + GST

*T&C Apply


Access to high-quality leads.

Increased chances of converting leads into happy renters.

Qualified video visit


20 leads per month

3000 /mo + GST

*T&C Apply


Expanded reach with double the leads.

Enhanced visibility in the rental market.

Qualified video visit


30 leads per month

4000 /mo + GST

*T&C Apply


Maximum exposure to potential renters.

Higher conversion rates and increased profits.

Qualified video visit

Colive Tri-Calling for Property Owners

Property owners registered in Colive's marketplace pipeline can reap substantial benefits by
subscribing to one of the three plans:


Access to High-Quality Leads: Colive accumulates verified leads through the Tri-Call feature on its website to represent potential renters actively seeking living spaces.


Direct Contact Details: Each subscription plan provides property owners with a set number of contact details for the leads generated ensuring direct communication, enabling owners to showcase their properties and secure potential renters.


Increased Conversions: With a consistent influx of leads, property owners can significantly enhance their chances of converting these leads into tenants with Colive's massive inventory and brand recognition contributing to the trustworthiness of the leads.


Streamlined Pipeline Management: The Tri-Call feature facilitates the seamless integration of property owners' beds into Colive's massive inventory, ensuring a continuous flow of interested leads for their properties.


Colive understands the challenges of urban living and differentiates itself by offering

  • Efficient virtual tours that caters to the urban migrant's fast-paced lifestyle
  • Receive real-time updates and insights from the Property Manager for in-depth property details.
  • A platform that streamlines the property exploration process
  • Ensure transparency by providing property information and addressing resident queries.


Upgrade your property search with Colive's 3-way
virtual house tours

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