offerExciting Offer!! LOWEST price guaranteed, ZERO deposit, Rent starts at ₹ 7000 Only         offerExciting Offer!! LOWEST price guaranteed, ZERO deposit, Rent starts at ₹ 7000 Only         offerExciting Offer!! LOWEST price guaranteed, ZERO deposit, Rent starts at ₹ 7000 Only         offerExciting Offer!! LOWEST price guaranteed, ZERO deposit, Rent starts at ₹ 7000 Only     

PGs in Chennai | Best PGs in Chennai for students and working professionals

Best PGs in Chennai: Find a best PGs in Chennai with modern amenities like AC, CCTV, Laundry, House keeping, 24*7 In-house staffs, Homely food, etc. Book PG in Chennai today with Colive!

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PG in Chennai

Career opportunities bring many youngsters to the vibrant capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, every year. Now, relocating to a new city involves finding a place to reside in. As compared to hostels and private residences, the pg in Chennai option is a popular choice for its convenience and cost-saving benefits.

Now, there are numerous options for unisex PG in Chennai, although Colive remains the dominant choice for various reasons. Be it internet connectivity, furnished rooms, home-cooked meals, maintenance services, or community atmosphere, Colive PGs are equipped with them all.

Colive offers a variety of PG rooms and you can take your pick among the available options as per your preferences. Semi-private rooms, double-sharing rooms, single-sharing rooms, couple rooms, triple-sharing rooms, and studio rooms are among the different types of PG rooms offered by Colive in Chennai.

Let us now move on to the varied features you should look for in PG accommodations before finalizing your choice and why Colive PGs make for the best choice among accommodation options in Chennai.


When it comes to PG checklists, here are the top amenities to look for:

  1. Fully-Furnished Rooms

    Among the features of PG accommodation, you must check whether the rooms are well-furnished. A furnished room does not only imply having a bed and mattress. A cupboard, a study table, a chair, air conditioning, and extra storage space are other aspects of furnished rooms. All these fixtures are included in the rent of unisex pg in Chennai accommodations.

  2. Regular Meals

    Besides furniture, food is the main reason for young professionals to opt for PG rooms as compared to renting an apartment in Chennai. When you visit a PG facility, enquire about the daily meals. Do they serve only vegetarian fare or both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes? What are the fixed meal times? Check out the weekly menu at the paying guest in Chennai facility to know whether they match your tastes. Also, if you want only 2 meals a day, you should ask for concessions.

  3. Daily Housekeeping

    If you are a stickler for cleanliness, you should visit the PG facility to learn about their housekeeping services. Room maintenance services are inclusive of the rent of PG accommodations. Talk to the PG management about how often a housekeeper comes in to clean your room. Scan the kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, and common areas to have an idea about the hygiene measures of the PG facility before making your choice. If all seems tidy and clean, consider it a green flag and shortlist the paying guest in Chennai accommodation for later consideration.

  4. Laundry Services

    As a young working professional renting a pg in Chennai, you would not fancy sitting in the bathroom and washing your clothes, right? Nor would you want to spend big while taking the trouble of walking down to the Laundromat every day to pick up and drop off your clothes. That’s why you must ensure the PG you choose is equipped with a washing machine for everyday use. You and your flat mates can take turns to do your daily laundry without much ado.

  5. Wi-Fi Connectivity

    Internet connectivity disruptions can be rather disturbing and they may also lead you to miss deadlines in some cases. Thus, having a reliable internet connection should be one of the most important considerations in your pg in Chennai accommodation. On your visit to the PG facility, a good strategy would be to talk to the other occupants to know the stability of the internet connection. Without a steady internet connection, you would have to rely on mobile internet to complete your college or office assignments.

  6. Security

    Although some paying guest in Chennai facilities impose curfews on the room occupants, others follow an open-door policy for company employees. The use of biometric technology and access cards, along with private security guards, are part of the safety and surveillance measures adopted by most PG premises in Chennai.

  7. Rents and Charges

    While different PGs levy varying rates and charges, we will study some common features of most pg in Chennai facilities:

    • The PG authorities collect monthly rent between the 1st and 5th of every month.

    • Some paying guest in Chennai facilities calculate single day rent based on the monthly rent. This could include monthly rent divided by 30 or a fixed amount ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 700.

    • Any extra charges such as internet bills, electricity charges, housekeeping bills, water bills, and food bills could be collected separately. However, you will be intimated about these costs at the time of booking, depending on whether you want to avail the additional facilities or not.

    • The basic monthly costs of pg in Chennai accommodations are within the range of Rs 4500 and Rs 15000 for food and lodging expenses, along with premium services.

    • Whereas some PGs in Chennai include all bills in the monthly rent, others may offer down payment options for extra utilities.

    • In most cases, the PG authorities require you to furnish the rent for 1 month in advance before taking occupancy, which is non-refundable. Moreover, you have to give 1 month notice before vacating the premises; for this, the rent is adjusted in the advance paid or does not have to be paid at all.

  8. Pantry Area

    The pantry area of unisex pg in Chennai properties is utilized by the occupants to cook and prepare food. Before you go about finalizing your PG, the general recommendation is to check the various cooking appliances in the pantry or kitchen area. These include gas burner, mixer juicer, basic cookware, sandwich maker, serving utensils, and cutlery.

  9. The Common Area

    Many paying guest in Chennai facilities contain fully-equipped common areas. After a long and tiring day at work, college students and working professionals can unwind in these common areas while playing games, meeting friends, socializing, or celebrating events. If you are an avid television buff, you may also want to check if the common area of the PG accommodation has a television set during your visit therein.

  10. Community Sense of Living

    In Chennai, PG accommodations offer the benefits of community living. You get opportunities to interact with other like-minded people and build your network when you choose to live in a PG in Chennai. When you are scanning your pg in Chennai options, try to know more about the community living aspects whereby you can unwind with an amazing community during after office hours.

Why Colive is the Preferred PG Choice?

The reasons for college students and company employees to increasingly choose Colive for their Chennai stay are manifold. For starters, the Colive paying guest in Chennai properties have fully-equipped rooms where they can rest after a long day at work. In addition, they do not have to bother about housekeeping services for their rooms are kept fresh and tidy by a team of cleaning experts.

Colive PGs also offer nutritious meals at fixed timings, which means they do not have to spend more on restaurant food. Colive provides appetizing meals and the food service is optional. This means you can go ahead and gorge on pizzas, burgers, or junk food on days you crave them the most while skipping PG meals then.

The lively common spaces and tasteful interiors are among other reasons why Colive has become popular as a PG destination among youngsters. Colive even offers the choice of ladies-only and gents-only PG accommodations if you are not comfortable in a unisex pg in Chennai.

Colive’s paying guest in Chennai facilities come with the benefit of a community sense of living. By interacting with others, you can avail a host of networking opportunities, whereby you can build your network and enhance your career prospects. Your group members become your pillar of support during emergency times, too.

Moreover, Colive gives priority to security measures. Its PG facilities are armed with trained security guards and CCTV cameras are installed all around for your safety. You will also have your roommates to help you fend off any burglars or attackers, which can be reassuring for somebody who is new to Chennai.

The Colive pg in Chennai also has a friendly guest policy and allows for restriction-free living. A full refund of your security deposit is also provided when you decide to vacate the premises.

Besides, Colive offers uninterrupted water supply, electricity, and Wi-Fi connectivity to make your living as comfortable as possible.

You can find a Colive PG near your college or workplace to reduce your travel time and save on daily commute costs. Plus, Colive PGs are situated near parks, groceries, and pharmacies; hence, you do not have to travel far for these conveniences.


Colive welcomes you to visit the unisex PG in Chennai property as per your convenience, whereby you can get a taste of the PG experience. The Colive PG management staff will explain the room types, features, amenities, and property type during your visit. The Colive website and Colive app also mention all the details about the different PG accommodations. A virtual tour of the Colive PG premises is also possible.

If you want to tour the Colive properties, you can book your slot via its website or mobile app, as seen below:

  • As your first step, you should sign in on the Colive website or App with the mandatory details

  • Go on to then explore the Colive PG facilities

  • Start by entering your city, location, and type of PG room

  • You can then view the property and check all amenities offered therein

  • In the following step, you should tap the “Schedule a Visit” tab and select a suitable date and time for your visit

  • Thereafter, Colive will send an SMS and email to your registered mobile number and email address confirming your visit, along with details about the date and time of your visit and property location.

  • When you visit the Colive pg in Chennai property, you will be welcomed by the Area Sales Manager or Resident Property Manager.

You are advised to scan all your options in PG accommodations and take stock of all the amenities provided before selecting any PG property. After all, your comfort is paramount, especially when you have to come to your room every day after a hard day at work to relax while preparing to go to work the following day.

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